World Art Games 012 – Music

A selection of music from the members of the World Art Games. Hosted by Stephen Ward Austria Poetry Evening AKKU5 - Anishilokk. Eugenio Zotta - We'll See Each Other Yesterday Orly Netanel - The Room [...]

World Art Games 011 – WAG Norway

Interview with World Art Games Norway Hosted by Stephen Ward Elfi Sverdrup, NC President Signe Elise Hultgren, NC Vice-President Mathis Mathisen, NC founder and first President Music: Akku - Havella Inga Juuso - Mattarahkku Helle [...]

World Art Games 010 – WAG Argentina

News and interview with a member of WAG Argentina Hosted by Stephen Ward News: Especial ARCO Y FERIAS DE MADRID WAG Morocco Exhibition: "Tendences" WAG Finland - Exhibition in "Pälkäne Guilds", RISPAAJAT, 10 years quilt [...]

World Art Games 009 – Future WAG Events

This week we talk with Jasminka Paunović, co-president and co-founder of the World Art Games, about future events from the organization. International Children's Festival - Šibenik WAG Events page Hip Hop concert in Osijek Srki [...]

World Art Games 008 – WAG Austria

Interview with World Art Games Austria Hosted by Stephen Ward Jadranka Gros, NC President Wanda Furtschegger Rajna Ognjenović Christine Tidl Music: Falco - Rock Me Amadeus (Gold Mix) The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun [...]

World Art Games 007 – WAG Israel Part 2

Interview with World Art Games Israel Hosted by Stephen Ward Orly Netanel Orly’s channel on Youtube with interviews. Varda Breger Rumy Renan, NC President Music: This Enchanted Time The Room of our Love is Full [...]